What is Nicity?
Nicity is a location discovery app to help you choose the best area to live and connect with the community. Explore your current neighborhood. Take advantage of hyperlocal recommendations and tips from neighbors. Share your local knowledge and help your fellow community members. Learn and get curated data-driven insights into the neighborhood. 

Our products:
  • location advisory
  • community app
  • real estate-tech marketplace
More than 40 million Americans move every year, and the pandemic's teleworking boom has opened up many new opportunities for people to live, work and play.
The project is led by one of its co-founders, Florian Jansen, former CEO and co-founder of Lamoda. The global goal of the project is to meet the growing need of people to pay more attention to the environment they live in. 
We are a global business

Nicity is launching its first product in New York City in 2022. Our development hubs are located in Berlin and St.Petersburg. Remote work is part of our DNA and we are looking for outstanding candidates across the globe. After successful launch in major US cities, we will roll out the products to the UK, and then to German, Spanish and Russian speaking countries.


The co-founders have committed more than $3 million of seed funding to cover building tech teams, the MVP development and market launch in New York City. Nicity plans to raise  A-round for further scaling and internationalization.